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Acquisition Tools Overview

This is just an introduction to the tools.  I would have to dedicate an entire video to reviewing the pros and cons of each.  For example, SalesQL has high accuracy for pulling emails, but almost never gets a phone number correct. gets most phone numbers correct, but only provides work emails. 


GrowMeOrganic is the only one that allows you to scrape “unlimited” emails daily, but none of the emails are verified and it usually locks up and dies around 2,500 leads.  It also really only works when you have upgraded to a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.  You will have to run your list through an email verifier like this:


Because what each tool does and how it works is similar but different, it’s tough to create clear classifications.  Here are a few example links, in no particular order:




  1. Automation is against LinkedIn’s Terms of Service
  2. You must comply with the CAN SPAM Act
  3. Real relationships are most important



Lead Acquisition

Most tools that pull from LinkedIn have published limits as to how many per day you can scrape without being banned from LinkedIn.  DO NOT GO OVER THE RECOMMENDED LIMITS. 



Outreach Automation

MailChimp (for example) will not allow you to import 2,000+ leads and send them a cold email.  Those apps are for newsletters and large mailing lists where people have signed up.  For this type of low volume, highly targeted, cold outreach, you need a specialized tool.  DO NOT GO OVER THE DAILY RECOMMENDED LIMITS FOR EMAILS.  Follow the suggested templates for ideas on how to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate: (highly customizable) (for larger volume cold outreach)



Auto Scheduling Appointments

Hear me out.  There is a reason you need to use these apps together.  If you have Product Market Fit, your calendar should fill up automatically:



Multi-Platform Outreach

So far we have looked at sequencing between LinkedIn and email.  Great for B2B, but where does your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) hang out?  If you need multi-channel outreach or you are in a B2C or D2C space, check out this tool:




Want the leads without breaking LinkedIn’s TOS?  A tiny fraction of the outsourcing platforms out there:



Appointment Setting Services

Ready to take it to the next level?  These companies do everything I outlined above for you, honing your customer segmentation, split testing scripts and sequences and finding the perfect recipe: 10 Outsourced BDR Sales Agencies Compared



Social Automation

This is more about creating awareness (top of funnel), but if you are just starting out, this is a really nice free option:



They [customers] are like sharks. Sharks are too stupid to fool. You can’t like waive a red flag at a shark and fool it — it’s like meat or no meat.

-Paul Graham

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