Below is a PARTIAL listing of our very fluid roster of fractional CMOs.

IMPORTANT: Most fractional CMOs have done work that does not neatly fall into an industry. For example, many of our fractional CMOs have done work for franchises, but you won't find that mentioned anywhere.

The best course of action is to book a call to determine what we might have that is perfect for you.

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CMO 3: 

$15,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B
Industries: Containers & Packaging, Manufacturing, Printing, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • 25 years of experience with more than a decade in leadership roles.
  • Ad Agency lead for $5B manufacturing, packaging, and logistics company
    • $6.4M budget, staff of 22
    • 3x increase in marketing qualified leads
    • Synced data across 10 sales teams, Salesforce, Pardot, Eloqua
  • For paper production co., increased ROI 168% and 3x ave. spend
  • Experience as startup founder / small business owner
  • Registered yoga teacher and certified health coach

CMO 4: 

$17,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B
Industries: Construction, Manufacturing, Technology
  • Award winning fractional CMO regularly creates 25% growth in leads in ≈6 weeks for clients in construction, manufacturing, B2B, and technology.
    • $6M new business pipeline in 6 weeks for steel manufacturing co.
    • $3M new business pipeline in 3 weeks for valve and instrument co.
    • 600% increase in site visits in 2 weeks for commercial construction co.
    • $2M new business pipeline in 3 weeks for engineering and testing co.
  • Awards: 40 under 40 Houston Business Journal, Emerging Business of the Year, Business of the Year
  • Corporate Fellow Professor of Marketing at major university in Texas
  • Frequently featured conference speaker, board member, committee member and ambassador for associations including Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)and the American Marketing Association (AMA).
  • 18+ years of experience hiring and managing both sales and marketing teams.
  • Deep rolodex of resources for brand strategy, SEO, GTM, video production, website development, advertising, PR, social media, market research, and more.
  • Deep and broad background in tech (Fortune 500), real estate (AirBNB), grocery ($3B+ in revenue), education, and insurance.

CMO 5: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, D2C
Industries: Ad Agency, Real Estate, Technology, Travel & Leisure
  • Brilliant introvert with Australian accent resides in So.Cal
  • Ex-Managing Director and Global Lead of one of the most heavily awarded media agencies in CA. Manages a staff of 100+ with a special focus on:
    • C-Level B2B client engagement
    • SEO and SEM
    • Team structure and development
    • Platform partnerships
    • Full P&L accountability
  • Agency background provides broad industry experience B2B, B2C and D2C
  • Created massive turnaround as CMO for enterprise level D2C in the vacation package, travel and cruise line industry
  • General Manager for Compass in Real Estate, B2C
  • Social media and channel strategy expert, having managed over $1 billion in search and social media budgets.

CMO 6: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, Brick & Mortar, D2C, e-Commerce
Industries: Home Goods, Real Estate, Retail
  • Highly successful CMO of a 300 store company (home renovation product), Direct to Consumer.
    • Transitioned company from all brick and mortar to more of a D2C model, yet expanded total store count
    • Special focus on GROWTH marketing and LEADS
    • 20-30% Growth YoY for every year he was there.
    • 50% close rate on all leads.
  • Founded and ran several companies, including a marketing agency.
  • Director at the American Homeowners Association.
  • Brilliantly smart, worked on a patented marketing system for the AHA with a heavy metrics focus.
  • Currently has his own fractional CMO consultancy business.
  • Omnicron fellowship winner, and an MBA student Wharton School of business.
  • 20+ years of experience at Director level or above.

CMO 7: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2C, D2C
Industries: Consumer Electronics, Education, Gaming, Marketplace Apps, Technology, Travel & Leisure
  • Ex-San Francisco based, heavy VC backed startup superstar CMO
  • Growth & performance marketing expert, not revealing the names of the companies below, but you would know who they are.
    • CMO for SaaS digital EDU play system for kids, B2C.
  • Marketing Director at famous cloud-based meal delivery company, D2C
  • Performance Marketing Director at cloud-based meal delivery company, D2C
  • FitBit growth lead at ad agency, successfully transitioning them from retail to D2C / e-commerce.
  • Previous mentor for SaaS startups at several accelerators
  • Additional previous ad agency experience with focus on digital marketing

CMO 8: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, e-Commerce
Industries: CPG, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, IT & Networking, Manufacturing, Software, Technology
  • Runs a 6-year-old fractional CMO operation that specializes at marketing strategy for biotech, pharma and healthcare.
    • 2x close rate for $10M new business for healthcare company
    • $500K new business for micro pharma company
    • $500K new business for micro oncology company
    • An official Google and HubSpot partner
  • As VP of Digital Strategy for healthcare device company
    • Effectively managed $13M of marketing and advertising spend with five direct reports, leading the digital strategy and technology function for the company.
    • Credited with increasing the close rate from 30% to 60% and influencing over $10M in wins by transitioning the RFP process from a PowerPoint presentation to an interactive website.
    • Delivered $500K in new account wins by identifying Rx Influencers on Twitter, developing a database to subcategorize opinion leaders by disease state and crafting stories to package and productize findings.
  • As Global Director of Digital Marketing for e-commerce company
    • Orchestrated and executed a $20M digital transformation project, revising digital properties, developing digital governance, redesigning website, improving digital communications and driving eCommerce, with authority over a 50-person team.
  • As Global Director of Brand Marketing and Communications for commercial & residential solutions company
    • Responsible for a $4 billion HVAC global communications and integrated marketing strategy platform, with authority over agency relationships and a $1M budget.
  • As D2C eCommerce Sales and Marketing Leader
    • Responsible for Direct-to-Consumer Sales, three direct reports, a 20-person Call Team, a $1.3M budget, $80M in P&L, and all agency relationships.
  • MBA in Marketing from Notre Dame.

CMO 11: 

$17,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, SaaS
Industries: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Non-Profit, Technology
  • 15+ years of senior marketing experience focusing on healthcare technology, and B2B tech companies.
  • Director of Marketing at healthcare procurement company
  • Head of Marketing at healthcare strategy and financial planning company
  • Led healthcare information association to 300% increase in participation in less than 1 year
  • Senior Account Director at agency focused on healthcare IT
  • VP of Marketing at healthcare referral tech company
  • Mentor at venture backed startup accelerator
  • Founder and owner of fractional CMO business focused on B2B healthcare

CMO 13: 

$17,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2C, D2C, e-Commerce
Industries: Marketing Tech, Marketplace Apps, Social Networking Apps, Travel & Leisure
  • Founder & CEO at a Boutique Startup Marketing Consultancy
    • Launched and scaled tech projects in over 10 countries, working with a16z, 500Global, and Y Combinator as well as collaborating with multi-billion-dollar corporations.
    • 3 exits totaling $200M; Ted-X speaker
    • Offers a range of services including full-stack growth agency services, marketing coaching, team training, and HR & recruitment for startups.
    • Notable achievements include increasing a client's annual recurring revenue to $30M and driving significant growth for companies in sectors like SaaS, Fintech, and Consumer Mobile Apps.
  • Keynote Speaker & Author
    • Delivered lectures in over 15 countries on topics such as Growth Hacking, PR, SEO, and Paid Advertising.
    • Authored a top-rated Startup Marketing book, emphasizing practical strategies for startup growth.
  • Launch Consultant at an Innovative Email Marketing Startup
    • Led the development of brand, messaging, and growth strategies, achieving substantial media coverage and business growth.
  • Launch Consultant for a New Dating App by a Leading Online Dating Company
    • Managed a successful launch plan, achieving significant app installs.
  • Marketing Director at a Big Data Travel Technology Startup
    • Developed the entire Marketing Communications framework, contributing to the company's acquisition by a major software firm.
  • Head of User Acquisition at a Major Online Marketplace
    • Managed a large monthly ad budget, achieving low CPA and high ROI, facilitating rapid expansion.
  • Head of Marketing at a Leading Online Classifieds Portal
    • Directed marketing initiatives leading to a substantial increase in traffic and successful acquisition by a global media group.
  • Head Of Online Marketing at a Major Mexican Tourism Agency
    • Drove a significant increase in online sales over a short period through innovative online marketing strategies.

CMO 14: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, D2C, SaaS
Industries: FinTech, Marketplace Apps, Payment Processing
  • SaaS expert, immersed in the hot startup scene of Austin, TX
  • Director of Product Marketing at Fintech SaaS startup, B2B
    • Deal size increase 7.5x due to customer segmentation pivot
    • Win rate increase 15%+
  • Director of Marketing at $28B payment processing platform, B2C
  • Strategic Marcom Director at $10B marketplace e-commerce platform, D2C
  • Heavy in Fintech, this CMO brings a data driven approach to growth
  • Knows how to leverage generative AI, building honed prompts that work around OpenAI's 4096 token limit
  • Industry experience includes the payments space, card, e-commerce, crypto and fraud
  • A holistic view of everything from brand to content marketing to lead gen and social media.

CMO 15: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, SaaS
Industries: Ad Agency, CPG, Education, Marketing Tech
  • Chief Marketing Officer at a Tech Startup
    • We increased MQLs by more than 200% from H2 2022 to H1 2023
    • 3X web conversion with new positioning and content pushing creative boundaries and introduction of A/B testing
      CPC and Cost per Qualified Lead both reduced by more than 80% all while increasing MQLs from paid ads by more than 200% each quarter
      Scaled own events with 90% NPS score
      Organic growth up by 45% from Q1 to Q2
    • Launched successful events, reengaged KPIs, and improved internal alignment with a unified GTM approach.
  • Chief Marketing Officer at an Online Learning Platform
    • Guided marketing strategies post-IPO, refocusing on customer engagement and brand messaging.
    • Launched the most successful campaign in the company's history, significantly reducing cost-per-click and cost-per-lead.
    • Refreshed brand and messaging, created a new content engine, and strengthened the product marketing function.
  • Vice President of Corporate Marketing at a Major Social Media Company
    • Led the corporate marketing team, achieving a 70%+ share of voice in social media and media.
    • Developed industry-leading reports, corporate communication functions, and the company's first crisis management system.
    • Successfully rebranded the company and significantly improved team engagement scores.
  • Vice President of Marketing at a Leading CRM Provider
    • Grew the marketing team significantly, resulting in a 5X revenue increase for the business unit.
    • Executed numerous digital campaigns, developed strategic marketing initiatives, and launched new cloud products.
    • Achieved the highest NPS score within the company.
  • Executive Vice President at a Communications Agency
    • Led brand purpose and strategic corporate communications, working with clients like Samsung and Kashi.
  • Senior Vice President at a Global Communications Agency
    • Developed communications and brand campaigns for major clients like Starbucks, Levi's, and Unilever.
    • Embedded at Starbucks to assist in repositioning campaigns.
  • Vice President at a Communications and CSR Firm
    • Established the brand purpose and corporate communications practice, working with clients like Timberland and Starbucks.
  • Other Experience
    • Judge for Effie Awards Worldwide.
    • Contributed to publications like Fortune and Huffington Post.
    • Speaker at events including SXSW and Sustainable Brands.
    • Recipient of awards in Social Media, Campaigns, PR, and Crisis Management.

CMO 16: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, SaaS
Industries: FinTech, Telecommunications
  • B2B SaaS FinTech CMO with a proven track record of transformational strategy and execution for startups and large enterprises.
  • Took VC backed startup from $25M ARR to $75M in 18 months by increasing marketing sourced revenue by 38% and doubling qualified pipeline.
  • At large enterprise SaaS FinTech company:
    • Attained 78% growth in campaign-sourced pipeline volume YoY by driving integrated and multichannel marketing campaigns.
    • Doubled pipeline generation in 12 months by shifting the pipeline mix from 60% outbound to 75% inbound.
    • Decreased churn rate in six months from 7% to 2% and influenced +80% of customer expansion pipeline.
    • Launched an enterprise-wide demand gen program that expanded marketing pipeline 50% YoY. Increased organic traffic by 49% and top of funnel leads by 68%.
  • SaaS industry experience includes financial compliance, billing, payment solutions and telecom.

CMO 18: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, D2C
Industries: AI, Robotics, Software, Technology
  • CEO and Founder of marketing automation community. 36,000 members in less than 1 year.
  • Director of Product Marketing for AI platform. In 18 months, grew leads 20x, revenue 10x.
  • Director of Product Marketing at software development company. Grew department from 1 to 5.  Growth improvement from 5% to 30% growth YoY.
  • Advisor for robotic process automation platform.

CMO 19: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, D2C, e-Commerce
Industries: AI, Data Analytics, FinTech, Marketplace Apps, Media & Entertainment, Procurement, Social Networking Apps, Wealth Management
  • This fractional CMO is in a league of his own. Not only has he worked for some of the biggest fortune 500 names in the world of marketing, the measurable impact he’s had at each company was remarkable.
  • Particularly strong in AI, SaaS, e-commerce, data analytics, social marketplaces and interactive digital media.
  • CMO of AI driven procurement platform. +160% growth direct channel campaigns.  Website SEO traffic +100% YoY.  PR/social +70% engagement
  • +28% CLV, +700M new revenue, 400% increase in ROI at $9B e-commerce (marketplace) company.
  • Increased sales 60% ($35M) YoY at marketplace social utility (dating) platform.
  • 8x number of users in 2 years, +25% CTR at $10B media company.
  • +100% increase in paying members at $20B digital media company.
  • Scaled Fintech AI co. $100M to $1B in 2 years
  • Advisor to Silicon Valley startups.

CMO 20: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, D2C
Industries: Real Estate, Training & Coaching Courses, Wealth Management
  • Master D2C growth strategist hails from CA.
  • CMO for D2C real estate investment coaching company.
    • Growth improvement from $1m to $170M annual over 15 years.
    • $45M annual marketing budget.
    • Annually: 4M outbound calls, 5,000 events, 156K service tickets, 6M organic site visits
    • Was the first non-founder employee to a now 500+ person company
    • Grew department from 1 to 9.
    • Marketer of the Year for Direct Response Marketing
    • SaaS - created learning platform with 80K users
  • Founder of mortgage lending company
    • $0 to 8M in 5 years
  • Strategy, analytics, team building, stakeholder engagement, direct mail, digital and social, TV ads, PPC, SEO, SEM, brand and UI/UX strategy.
  • Software dev background.

CMO 21: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2C, D2C
Industries: Athletic Apparel, Real Estate, Ridesharing, Travel & Leisure, Wealth Management
  • SVP, Head of Global Marketing - $1B+ commercial real estate company
  • Head of Marketing & Growth, North America – global scooter company
  • VP, Global Head of Marketing – $500M rideshare company
  • Executive team member - higher education network company
  • Director of Marketing, GM – global cruise line, travel and leisure company
  • Director, Digital Marketing – major hotel chain, travel and leisure
  • Business / Licensing Manager – global fitness apparel brand
  • Advisor/Investor - incubation of early-stage marketplace platform & climate tech

CMO 22: 

$15,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C
Industries: FinTech, Home Goods, Real Estate
  • Heavily awarded:
    • NAHB Best Marketing Campaign and Digital Campaign leadership
    • NAHB National Marketing Professional of the Year
    • Denver's Marketing Professional of the Year
    • National MarComm Award -Best Campaign Empower Retirement
  • Founder and CMO of 30 yr. marketing company. Focus on UX/CX, B2B marketing operations & sales leadership.
  • Fractional CMO for online furniture retailer, overhauling brand; relationship with
  • CMO for regional builder. $250M to $500M in three years.
  • CMO of $12M real estate company. Increased sales by over 50% in 1 year with $1M budget.
  • VP of Marketing at $622M real estate company. Launched new division, managed $2M budget, sold over $500M real estate annually.
  • Especially strong in real estate, home building, multi-family, SaaS, technology, Entergy, retirement and FinTech.
  • Board member of 3 companies. Guest speaker in the real estate industry.

CMO 23: 

$18,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C
Industries: Health & Wellness, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Home Services
  • Experienced Executive in Digital Marketing and Strategy:
    • Demonstrates extensive leadership in digital marketing and strategic planning, with over a decade of experience guiding teams to achieve significant growth and innovation.
  • Digital Strategist for Healthcare Networks:
    • Significantly increased organic website traffic for two healthcare entities by 41% and 37%, respectively.
    • Boosted Google My Business search traffic by 69% and 45% for extensive healthcare listings, enhancing online visibility and patient engagement.
  • Marketing Director in the Home Improvement Sector:
    • Orchestrated omni-channel marketing campaigns across several states, effectively elevating brand presence and customer outreach.
  • Marketing Director for Environmental Compliance Firm:
    • Implemented content strategies that markedly enhanced client acquisition and retention, contributing to the firm's growth and client satisfaction.
  • Accomplished Author:
    • Authored contemporary fiction, including an Amazon Best Seller, showcasing versatility and creativity outside of the marketing domain.
  • Diverse Professional Background:
    • Holds multifaceted experience as an Electrical Journeyman and Associate Professor, reflecting a broad skill set and the ability to engage in various fields effectively.

CMO 24: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, B2C, Brick & Mortar, D2C, e-Commerce
Industries: CPG, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Sports Marketing, Technology
  • Having held some of the most prestigious marketing positions in the world, she is one of the biggest names you could hire.
  • Arguably one of the most well-connected people I have ever met.
  • Was Senior VP of Marketing at a 1,500+ restaurant $2B chain
  • Was Senior VP of Marketing at a $16B grocery chain
  • VP of Marketing at one of the most recognized hospitals in CA
  • VP of Marketing at one of the largest digital media and entertainment companies in the world ($80B)
    • Oversaw all e-commerce and marketing team for digital, PPC, social media, ads, and all customer acquisition channels
  • Scaled a brick-and-mortar business an additional 47%+ ($800M)
    • Improved marketing driven sales on average 45% annually
    • Increase CLV +48% during tenure
    • ROAS YoY improvement of 38% annually
    • Enhanced customer lifetime value (LTV) +48%
  • Director of Brand Marketing for two $10B+ beverage companies
  • Currently runs a fractional CMO business that helps the lower / middle market

CMO 25: 

$10,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, SaaS
Industries: Cybersecurity, IT & Networking, Technology
  • 15+ years of marketing leadership specializing in driving rapid growth for cybersecurity and smaller IT companies.
  • Launched Demand Generation programs running at least 4-6 Omni Channel Campaigns annually achieving pipeline growth by 20% Y/Y with an average 40:1 Marketing ROI ratio.
  • Launched an Infrastructure practice for Data Center Modernization focused on healthcare generating $4.9M in revenue and adding six high-potential new logos into the customer stream within the quarter launch.
  • Implemented a Managed Security Services Campaign focused on Managed Detection and Response resulting in a 126% increase in ARR.
  • Designed and deployed a Cybersecurity Campaign that yielded an initial $2M in sales for the first 3 months from Campaign Launch. The same campaign was then implemented across international markets and translated into 5 different languages.
  • Refreshed a website and enabled SEO/SEM strategies that resulted in a 150% increase in website traffic, and an average of 5-10 leads generated Q/Q.

CMO 26: 

$14,000 mo. / 4 mo. minimum term

Areas of Expertise: B2B, SaaS
Industries: IT & Networking, Technology, Telecommunications
  • Experienced Leader in Sales and Business Development:
    • Boasts over 15 years of leadership in sales and business development, with a strong focus on the technology and telecommunications sectors.
  • Strategic Sales and Marketing Leadership:
    • Led sales and marketing initiatives for a consulting firm, achieving notable successes including strategic rebranding for a global travel management client that unlocked a $20M resale opportunity and securing a $4.68M professional services deal, surpassing targets by 50%.
  • Director of Business Development in IT and Network Solutions:
    • Drove market expansion and managed relationships for over 60,000 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) devices while engaging with key industry groups.
  • Director of Sales Achievements in Telecommunications:
    • Surpassed sales plans by 100%, generating over $5M in new revenue at a telecommunications firm.
  • Marketing and Partnerships Success:
    • Led partner marketing initiatives at a network solutions company, significantly supporting revenue growth that exceeded $100M.
  • Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing:
    • As an EVP at an IT services company, created new revenue streams contributing $1.2M to the business.
  • Educational Background:
    • Holds an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts/Business, providing a solid foundation for strategic sales and marketing leadership.

Whenever you hear anybody talk about ‘growth hacks,’ just mentally translate it in your mind to ‘bullshit.’

-Paul Graham

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